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Frequently Asked

Tv screen is the most crucial part of a television and if it is LED/LCD screen the replacement will not be economical. But, the only way to repair is to replace the LCD/LED panel. The estimated cost can be to about 90 percent of the television cost.

The guarantee of the proper working of the television depends upon the quality of the television parts and the brand. We will fix the root cause of the problem with ultimate professionalism and using quality replacement parts. You can approach us within one month if you think the problem is still there.

The estimated time of repair depends on the availability of the parts. Once we complete the diagnosis, we will let you know whether the parts need any replacement and time to receive the shipment. We will make sure our service is completed as soon as possible.

Brands We Repair

All our technicians are fully qualified and licensed. Moreover, they are incredibly skillful and proficient in various aspects of TV repair.