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If anything goes wrong with your television, LCD/ LED, the first troubleshooting is done in the main board/ television circuit board or motherboard. Customers may encounter certain types of malfunctioning of the television like no picture, less quality of 3 d images, WIFI not working etc. All these problems can be diagnosed only in a motherboard of the television. The estimate of the cost of repair or replacement of the digital board depends upon the model of the television like LED, LCD with 3 D.

Providing Mother board Repair Services in Pudukkottai

The motherboard chip level service means repairing to the basic level of design. For example replacement of controllers, IC chips, soldering of the circuit, we need to go to the basic level of circuit design. This is the most complicated part of the television repair and you should not call a local technician to find the fault. It is advised to consult an authorized service center, especially for replacement. We have experienced staff and skilled technicians to correctly find the fault in the motherboard of your television. For easily fixable problems in the motherboard, we can fix it properly with quality replacement components.



Q LED or quantum LED television is the brightest television with advanced picture technologies. This type of televisions utilizes different ways for screens to produce colors instead of the usual inefficient & limited combination of a white LED and color filters. We offer the service of this advanced television of any brands.


4K televisions are usually known as ultra HD televisions, that is four times more resolution than a normal HD television. These kinds of television incorporate high pixel density to offer an ultra clear and detailed view of pictures on the television. If you find any kind of problems with your television we are ready to serve you.


UHD television or ultra-high-definition television has a resolution in the horizontal screen in the order of 4000 or 8000 pixels. The majority of consumers buying UHD television is on a rise and for any hindrance in your entertainment while watching, you can approach us as we are proficient in its servicing.


As the entertainment option is demanding more and more, the manufacture of television is providing the same. 3D television offers you a standard to watch the video/picture with 3d effect if wearing an eye-glass. This amazing technology and its features are known to us and will ensure the best service or repair.


Light Emitting Diode television is different from LCD televisions in the illumination technology. Compared to conventional LCD televisions, they offer better display and contrast. The LED televisions are thinner than LCD televisions. Consult us for the servicing of LED television of any brand.

Brands We Repair

All our technicians are fully qualified and licensed. Moreover, they are incredibly skillful and proficient in various aspects of TV repair.